a Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Dealer is to be appointed in every block.
  2. Security Deposit of Rs. 100000/- (One lac only) is to be deposited with company or a bank guarantee of the same is accepted.
  3. 7% Simple Interest calculated per annum will be payable on or before every 15th April of the following year if the security deposit is with the company.
  4. Rs. 100000/- (one lac) bill is mandatory to be done per month. Totaling toRs. 1200000/- (twelve lac) per year.
  5. Credit facility of 15 days from the date of issue of bill will be provided to the dealer to make the payment.
  6. Maximum Credit Amount standing at any duration of the year would not be more than     Rs. 100000/- under any condition.
  7. If a dealer fails to make the payment within 15 days of the raised bill date, interest of 24% will be charged.
  8. If a dealer fails to get a billing done any month, Interest on Security deposit for that month will not be payable.
  9. All rates of goods are including delivery charges all over India; (up to the transport in the dealer's area).
  10. GST is charged extra on goods price.
  11. All Dealers will receive an extra 5% of the goods amount per month as Delivery Expenses incurred in delivering goods to retailers.
  12. This amount will be adjusted on next billing of the following month.
  13. If a dealer fails to sale Tea due to any reason, he/she can return the Cartoon Packed or Bag Packed remaining Tea within 1month of billing (first time only).
  14. After which the goods will not be returned. Goods other than Cartoon or Bags packed will not be returned.
  15. If this happens, the transportation cost of returning the goods till warehouse of the company's in Siliguri will be borne by the dealer alone.
  16. Any dispute is subject to Siliguri Jurisdiction only

On Placement of First Order of Rs. 1 Lac and Above

Schemes will be given from time to time

Promotional materials will be provided for initial promotion such as Sign Boards and danglers.